Ironman Mallorca 70.3

Ironman Mallorca 70.3

22 Jun 18

Last month Rejuvenate Sussex flew off to Mallorca to watch and support two friends in the annual Ironman 70.3, which consists of a 1.2 mile sea swim, a 56 mile cycle up the mountains and a 13.1 mile run in the Spanish sunshine along the beach.

Wow what an event, the build up was just as exciting as the main event. Registration is based on the beach where the music is playing and there are nervous/excited looking competitors all with their ironman bags and frantically purchasing merchandise to take home and wear proudly. All the competititors then go off for a briefing so they are fully aware of the next days events and take their bikes to the transission area. As a spectator it was just as exciting and nervous, feeling a tiny bit jealous that it wasnt me racing the following day.

Once all the bags and bikes were safely in their transission areas, I got to work taping any last minute niggles and doing a very light pre event massage, this to to get the oxygen to the muscles and make sure all the muscle fibres are going in the right direction, the pre event massage is very light. Taping should not be used as a treatment, it is purely to give the muscles support therefore to help the competitors continue with their events. It is also important the taping is done correctly and stretched in the right direction and the right percentage of stretch is used, otherwise this can cause more harm than good.

The event itself was fantasic, we got up early to see the competitors start, the atmosphere was electric. There were 4000 competitors all ready and waiting nervously on the beach. Every six seconds six competitors would start and run down the beach into the water, it was fantastic to watch and no picture taken did the scene justice. They swan the 1.2 mile course and ran back out onto the beach pulling off their wetsuits and up to the first transission where there was a quick change into cycling gear and then they are were off again peddling up the mountains before coming back to the last transission, changing from cleats to running shoes and completing the run. The icing on the cake was hearing their names called as they crossed the finish line.

Emma Hyland completed her first ironman in 6 hours 37 minutes and Martin Bussy completed his in 5 hours 32 minutes, both very impressive respectable times.

As part of their training program they both had sports massages leading up the event, due to the gruelling training and 3 disiplines, their bodies were put to the test. After the event and a well earned beer and rest I carried out post event massage to help aid quicker recovery. The post event  massage again is lighter than a normal sports massage and allows the oxygen to get to the muscles and remove the build up of toxins and lactic acid.

Well done to all the competitors that took part but especially these two clients/friends, its a pleasure to be working with Ironmen and Women.

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